6 Most Common Diabetes Symptoms in Women

Historically, the classic symptoms of diabetes were believed to be the same in both women and men. However, recent studies reveal that there are actually a few symptoms that are evident only in women. Here are the six most common signs of diabetes in women.

Sudden and Unexpected Weight Loss

One of the most common symptoms of type 1 diabetes in females is sudden weight loss which cannot be explained. You should see the doctor at once when losing weight even after eating properly and not having enough exercise.

Frequent Urination

The frequent need to visit the washroom is also a common diabetes symptom in women with bfor both kinds of diabetes. If you feel the need to urinate it means that your body is getting rid of the excess sugar through urination. This condition happens within short durations of time and is known as polyuria in the field of medicine. Frequent urination makes you get rid of large amount of water which leads to another symptom known as dehydration. Dehydration then may also lead to another symptom called polydipsia characterized by the urge to drink water throughout the day.

Excessive Urge to Eat

The most typical sign of type 2 diabetes in women is the excessive urge to eat or polyphagia in medical terms. The level of insulin in women is very high when suffering from type 2 diabetes and the high level of insulin stimulates hunger. Too much insulin in the body makes you hungry even at an unexpected time, eventually making you eat more that what you need.

Skin Infection and Vaginal Yeast Infection

Skin infection, as well as vaginal yeast infection in women, can also suggest that the female has diabetes. Diabetes helps in the easy growing of yeast making women prone to having urinary tract infections. Diabetic woman may also experience pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse, lesser vaginal sensitivity and vaginal lubrication, and usually do not achieve orgasm.

Kidney Issues

Kidney damage is one dangerous diabetes symptom in women and must be addressed before permanent kidney damage takes place. Kidney problems due to diabetes are caused by the enlargement of kidney nephrons, which eventually lead to leakage and the passage of protein in the urine.


Diabetes symptoms in women may also include depression but there is no solid relation to the disease. However, diabetics have a higher risk of experiencing depression. Changes in sleeping habits, nervousness, feeling of being guilty as well as loss in appetite are diabetes symptoms in women that would suggest you to visit the doctor and make sure if you are not suffering from diabetes. There are also cases when people suffering from type II diabetes do not experience symptoms for some years. Only when sufferers experience serious health problems such as a heart attack or poor vision shall they be diagnosed with diabetes.

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