Do I Have Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes?

After diabetes is diagnosed, other tests will be required to determine what type of diabetes you have. If you’re insulin deficient, you will need insulin replacement therapy with injections (type 1). If you are insulin resistant, adjustments to your diet and lifestyle, or in some cases oral medication may be all that is required (type 2).

What to Do If You Have Diabetes Symptoms

If you are experiencing the classic signs of diabetes — increased urination and thirst, hunger and weight loss —- see your physician immediately! A medical evaluation of your symptoms and diabetes risk is vital.

4 Most Common Diabetes Tests

A number of procedures are available to test for diabetes, including blood tests and urine tests. Learn what the four most common tests are and what to expect when you get them.

Symptoms of Childhood Diabetes

Parents with family history of diabetes are always worried that the disease can be passed on to their little children. How do you know if your kid has symptoms of childhood diabetes?

Diabetes Blood Tests

Are you having symptoms of diabetes, then your doctor will require diabetes blood tests to confirm your condition.

Gestational Diabetes Test

These days there has been an unprecedented increase in the incidence of diabetes in pregnant women. This is known as gestational diabetes. Recent studies have revealed that about 100,000 women are afflicted with this condition.

Gestational Diabetes Symptoms

Gestational diabetes is a surprisingly common disease, developed in three to five percent of pregnancies. Leaving it untreated could result in serious complications, but the problem is easily cured.