Is There a Cure for Diabetes?

Is there a cure for diabetes? This is always the question.

The truth is, there is no cure for either type 1 or type 2 diabetes. However,  there are ways to manage diabetes so it will not worsen and cause serious complications to the diabetic. Diet, lifestyle and emotional stress can affect blood sugar levels that is why it is important to know what to eat, and what to or not to do to effectively manage your blood sugar levels.

Lifestyle Changes

A change in lifestyle for the good can help in the positive control of diabetes. Many way of managing blood sugar levels, which is essential in managing diabetes, are taking a balance diet, managing stress, exercising and having a good night sleep everyday. Emotional stress can directly affect blood sugar levels that is why it is important to know how to handle stress. Stress management activities such as relaxation exercises can help maintain a good blood glucose level and prevent any diabetes attack.

Natural Supplements

Natural supplements which are made to be part of your diet are not designed to cure diabetes and may even interact negatively with daily diabetes medication. Some supplements are known to have improved diabetes but you still have to refer to your doctor prior to taking of supplements or continuing with any natural supplement intakes.

Diabetes Medicines

Diabetes medicines should also be taken regularly. Each meal should always be planned carefully and asking for the advice of a nutritionist would not hurt. A regular exercise is always good for our health and can be an essential part of diabetes control since exercise not only burn calories but also helps in normalizing blood glucose levels.

Weight Loss Surgery and Stem Cell Therapy

Weight loss surgery should also be considered as an option for diabetics to control their diabetes. Blood sugar levels especially to individuals with type 2 diabetes are known to have returned to normal levels after a weight loss surgery. It is a fact that the more weight a diabetic loses after surgery, the greater chances for the patient’s condition to improve considerably.

Stem cell therapy may be expensive but there have been reports of success of stem cell treatment for type 1 diabetes.

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