Symptoms of Childhood Diabetes

Parents with family history of diabetes are always worried that the disease can be passed on to their little children. How do you know if your kid has symptoms of childhood diabetes?

Watch out for the common symptoms of childhood diabetes such as frequent urination or bedwetting, extreme hunger, feeling more tired than usual and weight loss. Other symptoms of childhood diabetes are irritability or unusual behavior, yeast infection and blurred vision.

Frequent Urination

Does your child frequently wet the bed or pee while sleeping? Frequent urination is the result of increased thirst, which makes your child want to drink more fluids than the usual but without actually quenching his thirst. The thirsty feeling is a result of excess sugar building up in the bloodstream of the child such that fluid is pulled from the tissues.

Extreme Hunger

Extreme hunger as one of the symptoms of childhood diabetes is the result of the child’s muscles and organs being depleted of energy since the absence of insulin prevents the movement of sugar into the cells of the child. The child’s tendency to eat more to relieve this hunger does not help in gaining weight of the child. Instead the child with diabetes loses weight and usually rapidly loses weight. Unexplained weight loss is the result of the lack of energy sugar supplies which leads to the reduction of muscle tissues and fat storage.

Weight Loss

Loss weight is frequently the first symptoms of childhood diabetes. Being fatigued or being easily fatigued and lethargic is the result of the deprivation of sugar to the cells of the child.

Blurred Vision

A high blood sugar in kids can result to blurred vision which is also the result of the pulling out of fluid from the lenses of the eyes of the child. The ability of the child to focus properly is also affected.


The child can also be moody or irritable while girls with type 1 diabetes can experience diaper rush due to the yeast infection.

Some symptoms of type 2 diabetes in kids are usually the same with the symptoms of type 1 diabetes in children. These symptoms are blurred vision, hunger and thirstiness a lot even after eating, unexplained weight loss, fatigue, and blurred vision. Other symptoms of type 2 diabetes in kids are heavy breathing, a dry mouth, slow healing of sores or cuts, itchy skin as well as numbness or tingling in the hands or feet.

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