Type 2 Diabetes Treatment

Type 2 diabetes treatment comes in many forms and includes regular exercise, healthy eating, diabetes pills and insulin therapy. All these treatment methods aim at lowering or normalizing blood sugar levels to delay and avoid complications as a result of diabetes. Conforming to a strict healthy diet is an important part of a change in lifestyle and has been proven as an effective type 2 diabetes treatment.

Healthy eating means centering your diet on whole grains, fruits and vegetables while lowering intake on animal products and sweet foods. Low glycemic index foods or foods that are high in fiber are preferred and reliably helps the diabetic to obtain a more stable blood sugar. The help of a dietician may also be considered to monitor carbohydrate level intake to keep blood sugar levels stable as well.

People with type 2 diabetes would need regular aerobic exercise at least 30 minutes per day for about 6 times each week. The diabetic can also choose enjoyable exercise activities such as biking, swimming and walking to easily conform to a daily routine of physical activities. However, an exercise program for a person with type 2 diabetes should be approved by a doctor so as not risk health or cause other medical problems due to over exercising. Stretching and strength training exercises are also important when starting an exercise routine specially if you have not done any exercise for a long period of time.

Diabetes pills prescribed by doctor for type 2 diabetes treatment are sulfonylureas, meglitinides, thiazolidinediones and metformin to name some. Metformin improves the sensitivity of body tissues to insulin so that the body can use the insulin more effectively while lowering glucose production in the liver. Sulfonylureas and meglitinides work similarly by making the patient’s body secrete more insulin. Thiazolidinediones like metforming make the body tissues more sensitive to insulin. Insulin therapy can also provide benefits to persons with type 2 diabetes. Insulin injections may be done using either a fine needle, an insulin pen injector or a syringe.

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