Diabetes During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant and you have diabetes then you are not alone. These days there are millions of women who suffer from diabetes during pregnancy. Why and how does this happen?

The oldest civilizations in the world namely the Greeks and the Romans have records of people suffering with diabetes. Hence, diabetes is quite an ancient disease, which involves excessive urination. The main symptom of this disease is abnormal sugar levels in the body and a disturbed metabolism.

It’s vital to detect diabetes during pregnancy and treat it since if left undetected it may lead to high blood pressure. The doctor may also have to perform C-section during pregnancy as well.

Risk of Diabetes When Pregnant

There can be other implications of undetected diabetes during pregnancy such as:

  1. Abnormally large babies
  2. Gestational jaundice
  3. Increased chances of obesity in baby in childhood and adulthood
  4. Respiratory complications
  5. Increased chances of baby developing type II diabetes

When your pregnant, your body is responsible for supplying all the nutrition to the fetus. This food is generally transferred to the fetus in the form of glucose through the placenta. The placenta also manufactures some hormones for the development of the fetus however these hormones do not allow you to use the insulin manufactured. As the pregnancy progresses, these anti insulin hormones increase in quantity by inhabiting the transfer of glucose to your cells. This insulin resistance leads to diabetes during pregnancy.

Though any mother can develop diabetes during pregnancy, there are many criteria that enhance the odds of developing diabetes during pregnancy.

These factors can act as a catalyst and increase the chances of developing diabetes during pregnancy:

  1. Genetic causes: If you have a family history of diabetes then there is a high probability that you may develop diabetes during pregnancy.
  2. Obesity: If you are overweight and pregnant, your chances of developing diabetes during pregnancy increase nine fold.
  3. Elderly Primi: If you are a woman who has conceived over 25 years of age commonly known as elderly Primi, then you have a high chance of developing diabetes during pregnancy
  4. Stillbirth: IF the mother has given birth to a stillborn child or a child weighing more than nine pounds, then she is likely to develop diabetes during pregnancy

Symptoms of Diabetes During Pregnancy

Most women do not display any obvious symptoms of diabetes during pregnancy. Although some cases may have symptoms like vomiting, recurrent urination, nausea and fatigue. However, most women do not pay attention to these symptoms since they occur in pregnancy too. Hence, it becomes difficult to detect diabetes during pregnancy most of the times. Therefore, most doctors recommend that all pregnant women should be tested for diabetes during pregnancy.

Diabetes Management during Pregnancy

Diabetes during pregnancy is pretty treatable and all you need to do is exercise a little restraint and precaution. The right diet and proper exercise can go a long way in keeping this condition under control. A diet low in fat and high in iron and other nutrients can work wonders. Caffeine should be eliminated or the intake should be minimal. Regular check ups are also recommended to prevent diabetes during pregnancy.

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