Type 1 Diabetes Life Expectancy

What is type 1 diabetes life expectancy? How long can a type 1 diabetic live?

People can make assumptions but they say that life expectancy is reduced by 25 years. Alarmingly, about 435 million diabetics in the world at the end of year 2030 are estimated by a research study conducted by the International Diabetes Federation and this data include both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.


If your blood glucose levels are above normal but not within the range of type 2 diabetes, then it’s called pre-diabetes. The good news is that pre-diabetes can still be reversed. Learn how to reverse your prediabetes.

Three Primary Diabetes Symptoms

Diabetes is nearly undetectable if you are not aware of its symptoms. Diabetes is a disease that results in abnormally high levels of glucose in your bloodstream.